Facts about Risland Australia’s response to the COVID-19 crisis

🠐 Back to news | 27 Mar 2020

  • In early February 2020 the charitable Guoqiang Foundation sought assistance from Risland Australia to assist medical teams and hospitals in Wuhan, China. The response was prompted by a call by the World Health Organisation to assist China which was, at the time, the country most severely affected by the COVID-19 disease.
  • Risland Australia shipped supplies including protective suits and gloves of various types, most of which were non-medical or non-surgical.
  • Risland Australia made no secret about its humanitarian efforts at the time – in fact, a media release was issued, and it was reported in Asian business media.
  • The shipment was a once-only gesture, and Risland Australia understands that, because conditions in China are now easing, the Guoqiang Foundation is preparing to offer a shipment of medical supplies to Australia.