About Us

Risland Australia

Risland Australia, (a subsidiary of Risland Holdings), is a residential developer whose mission is to improve the urban environment by delivering sustainable, innovative, and high-quality lifestyles from masterplanned residential communities to high-rise apartment towers.

At Risland, we recognise the value of community, environment and the outdoor lifestyle that epitomises the Australian way of life and is admired the world over.

We consider our buyers and their ultimate needs in support of modern day living. This way of thinking occupies every aspect of our business operations, from site acquisition, master planning, right through to interior detailing.

Our communities are underpinned by day to day community service and support facilities, recognising that convenience is paramount in today’s society. Risland is committed to bringing comfortable and high-quality lifestyles to residents, and we look forward to enhancing the Australian way of life from now and well into the future.

With a distant vision and unwavering commitment, we are here for the long term, and as such, our projects are designed and constructed to stand the test of time.

Risland Holdings

Risland Holdings is a Hong Kong-based multinational real estate conglomerate which offers a wide range of services such as residential development, commercial real estate operation, property management and infrastructure construction & operation.

By 2018, Risland Holdings had emerged as a truly global entity with projects spanning several continents and countries including the United States of America, New Zealand, Thailand, India and Indonesia.

As an established international business, Risland Holdings is committed to boosting social development through environmental-friendly, innovative, smart, quality and user-friendly designed homes with comprehensive community facilities and services.

Having a global footprint, Risland is often at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in regards to sustainability, innovation and design, allowing our communities to offer a point of difference, and delivering more value to individuals, communities and the society in general. This is our social responsibility.

Risland-holistic living, brighter futures!


What We Believe

Our Values


Sustainability remains a long term commitment to ensure our communities create a long lasting legacy, enhancing the day to day lives of those who reside in our communities or who work for our company, and minimise environmental impact to ensure a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for generations to come.


Quality permeates throughout every aspect of our operation. We understand that our quality is your guarantee of a quality existence.


We concentrate on community engagement and connectivity as we believe that a successful community is one which has a close knit social ecosystem that promotes inclusion and interaction.

Our Vision & Mission

We exist to create enviable lifestyles within our world-class master-planned residential communities. By creating residences our buyers are proud to call home, our developments intend to improve every aspect of our buyers’ lives. ‘Holistic Living, Brighter Futures’ is what we aim to deliver. We are here for the long term, and as such, our projects are designed and constructed to stand the test of time.